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Tech inside the classroom vs. outside the classroom

In my Honors Geometry class, when I ask my students the definition of a word, the students begrudgingly look in the appendix of their text for the 1991 explanation of the unknown word.  In the hallway, minutes later, the same … Continue reading

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Only half the story…

So, with this blog having less posts than parent teacher conferences I have had this year alone, I feel that there is a bit of back story that could lend itself to possible future posts. In an effort to not … Continue reading

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Student-Chosen Curriculum

I fought to introduce a new course to our curriculum this year – one that I taught years ago at a similar school in Los Angeles.  We called it Topics in Mathematics and “sold it” as a liberal arts math class … Continue reading

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Blog attempt: Take 2

I’m two months into trying to become a “connected learner“, and tweeting, blogging, and 21st century teaching , in general, are all goals that I am currently trying to cram into my ever-shrinking free time.  So here goes Round 2 of … Continue reading

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Playing with Dough

While at my most recent conference in Grapevine, Texas, the last day of sessions was clearly filled with the “less popular” topics.  I had an afternoon scheduled with “Problem-Solving with Chess” talks and two sessions with NASA Engineers focusing on … Continue reading

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